A New Days MADness.

The idea is simple: we've added possibility to tune appearance and functionality to normal handbag.
Turned out, a bag is ideal base for it.
As result, we have variety of accessories like cases, lanyards, pockets and so on + possibility of changing of appearance using exchangeable designs.
It is extremely easy and effectively.

(h) ANDMAD (e) A.N.D. A New Days M A D  Madness
M.A.D. Make a Day

Three key pillars of project

100% cotton, natural leather, metal hardware and reliable leg cut for long life.
Number of original designs of different styles and templates for personal art.
Universal mounting system and different accessories to ease the use.


  • Yura / Yu
    idea + management
  • Phil / Filla G.
    idea + design

Thanks everyone who was helping us to push our project:
Oksana, Irina Vitalievna, Andrey, Zhenya, Vanya, Eduard and Marika, Vika and Valeria, Sveta and all the rest.

PASHA, BIG Respect

Our plans

Our project is moving on to the bright future and nothing can stop it. We have a lot of good ideas :-)

In the near future we are going to make another one basic model of handbag using lighter color of fabric for bright and
cheerful designs for wearing with appropriate outfit.
Further will be made other models of handbags and various branded staff like t-shirts, neckerchiefs, wristbands and so on.

Thanks for your interest!
AndMad team.