Let's Do It Together

ANDMAD is an Open Project

Concept of exchangeable designs gives ample opportunities for creativity.
It is possible to come up with a new design of the flap or make whole design kits as well.

Example 1
If you make Patchwork stuff, knit or have full chest of old denims and cannot throw them away—use all of them to create your own original design of bag's flap.
Example 2
If you are an illustrator or just want to paint pictures not thinking about technical nuances—a flap is ideal canvas for your original illustrations. We could use your illustrations to make flaps.
Example 3
If you are a designer and have your own view on stuff—you could make your own design kit—a flap, strap and various accessories.

All of them you could make for yourself or like gift, in a single copy or a batch.
We just offer you base for creation and web store for buying and selling.
As well assist in manufacturing and shipping.

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